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Great Scott the Glad Scientist will be visiting the Library on Tuesday, July 22nd at 10:30 & 2.

Piggie is pretending to be a frog. He keeps asking Gerald to be a frog and Gerald keeps saying no. Finally Gerald says he can't be a frog, because he is a cow. Mooooo! They start playing pretend.

Piggie and Gerald are having a problem with the beds going on Gerald's head. More birds keep going on his head. Then a best goes on his head. Then the bird lays eggs on his head. Then Gerald asks them politely to leave. When they leave they go to Piggies' head!*&query=&page=0&searchid=16
I read that a person was working at a store and his fingers were too big. They said he had to go. He thought that meant to travel the world. He told his family about it.
I read diary of a wimpy kid. Greg's teacher gave him an egg, when the teacher left the other students in his class were playing with the egg and broke it. The only two persons who were Greg and Rowley, they didn't break the egg. Greg put his egg in his backpack and a lot of toilet paper, they went to go eat at a party afterwards. Greg got some cookies and he dumped them in a fake plant when nobody was looking. This book was awesome.
This book is about fairies and is very interesting because when Tinkerbelle had a portrait of herself, all the other fairies wanted a portrait just like Tinkerbelle's.