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Great Scott the Glad Scientist will be visiting the Library on Tuesday, July 22nd at 10:30 & 2.

I read a book called Dork diary tales from a not so popular party girl.A girl named Nikki was in the bathroom and she yelled because a nother girl named Mackenzie said that a boy named Brandon would ask her to the halloween dance.Mackenzie gave a envitashen to her but she said to pass it to a girl named Jessica behend her.Nikki was not paying attention so she just tore it open and Mackenzie got mad at her
I read a book called Creepella Von Cacklefur RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE.Geronimo was sitting in his comfy chair reading a book on the internet that was called return of the vampire.He showed it to his neise.He read it quikly.It was about a vampire that had ghost in his castle and asked Creepella for help.
big Nate got in trouble A lot .At baseball Nate screamed at Gina for not caching the ball. randy stepped on nate's foot and randy said it was an accident. nate and teddy were moving the table and randy was running and he didn't watch were he was going in and run into the table and hit his nose.

big nate book was very funny
We point out all the objects in the book